Are Trust Issues Causing Your Relationship Problems?

Trust Issues Can Drive Your Partner Away

Many relationship problems can be caused by trust issues. Trust in relationships is vital trust issuesif the relationship is going to last. Sometimes, bad experiences from the past experience can shape the way you deal with new relationships.

But there are going to be problems if you can’t extend a little trust to the other person in your relationship, unless your partner has given you a reason to be distrusted.

How to Deal with Trust Issues

We are all individuals and relationship problems with trust issues should not include simple everyday occurrences like talking to members of the opposite sex, picking up the kids after school and talking with other parents, receiving phone calls at night from work (this can be normal for some jobs), being kind to the waitress or waiter at your favourite restaurants or smiling and talking to other people at parties. After all, being a friendly person is not grounds for distrust.

However, it is a little different if your partner has a history of telling lies or has cheated on you in the past. It is hard to open yourself to trust, if you’re one of the millions out there who has been hurt by a cheating partner or spouse.

Does Your Past Influence You Now?

Unfortunately, some people have never experienced a genuine, loving, and trusting relationship. Because of this, you become unsure how to trust or even how to behave when you do trust someone. But, these trust issues could easily be ruining your relationship if you don’t get them under control fast.

Trusting your partner is as essential to successful relationships as love. Your partner feels a lot of negative emotions when he or she isn’t trusted. The crux of the situation is that distrust leaves your partner feeling unloved, unappreciated and disrespected. The bottom line is that it makes your partner feel bad about the relationship. That’s the last thing you want and it may be part of the reason for your relationship problems.


The good news for you is that it’s not too late to turn things around. Chances are good that your partner still has strong feelings for you. Now is your chance to redeem your past, open up your heart, and put a little trust in your partner. The trick though, is in getting your them to see how much you’ve changed.

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