Understanding Women in Relationships

A Man’s Guide To Understanding Women in Relationships

Are you trying to figure out what it is a woman really wants and needs in a relationship? understanding women in relationshipsAlthough there are no two women who are the same, the majority of women want more or less the same or similar qualities from their man.

There are a few simple actions that you can take into account for understanding women in relationships.


Know yourself first

One of the key things when understanding women in relationships is that women like men who have confidence. This does not mean being a total over-the-top alpha male, but  women like it when a man knows where he is going in his life and what his ambitions are. Don’t be stuck for answers when she asks what music you like or what hobbies do you enjoy or even what your dreams are.

Have a plan

Always have ideas for things to do together, particularly on your first dates and make suggestions, don’t just wait for her to make all the decisions. Know what to say when she asks what you have planned for the weekend or what you’re doing tomorrow.

Pay attention to her

When understanding a woman’s needs, a woman will appreciate a man who gives her attention and shows her that she is valued and important. This does not mean buying gifts all the time and then never having any time to spend with her.

Take time to notice her

Sometimes men find it very difficult trying to understand women behavior.  She may be very beautiful and get a lot of attention from other men, but women are often feel uncertain about the way the look. So, she will appreciate compliments from you. She needs to know that you notice her and admire her.

It’s her and nobody else

You do not need to be a master in the psychology of women in relationships to realise that women want a man who is loyal to her. When you are on a date, she wants you to be interested in her and only her. If you start paying attention to other women then it is not going to help your ongoing relationship.

Listen to her

The key to understanding women in relationships that are in trouble is show her that you heard her when she told you something is upsetting her or making her feel insecure about your relationship. It is part of understanding women and their feelings that you try your very best to help with any problems she faces and that you are always available to listen to her whenever she wants to talk.

Make her laugh

Ask anybody about relationship advice understanding women and you’ll always be told that women love guys who can bring a smile to their face. You don’t have to be a super hilarious man, but guys who are funny and playful around women are obviously confident and in control of their reality, and women are very attracted to this.


Part of understanding women in relationships is to realise that woman want to be with someone that makes them feel great and provides them their wants and need in a relationship. They want to feel loved and to feel special. If a man can provide everything that is important to the woman in his life, then she will feel very happy and secure in the relationship.

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