Being Too Agreeable Does Not Solve Relationship Problems

Can You Solve Relationship Problems If Your Partner Is Too Agreeable?

Most people reading this who have relationship problems will not think it’s possible to have a Relationship Problemspartner that’s too agreeable. Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that two different personalities will clash at sometime or another.

Common relationship problems occur when two people occupy the same space. One or both will occasionally overstep boundaries, hurt feelings or simply drive the other up the wall! The people you love most often drive you the craziest.

Arguing, in these situations is a normal response.  It’s normal to fight. It’s even natural. What isn’t natural, in relationships, is to always agree or never fight. Arguments are important tools in relationships. They do more than just let off a little steam.

Here are a few reasons why you need to have the occasional argument in your relationship.

Arguments Clear the Air

Arguments are important tools for letting your partner know how you really feel and can prevent relationship problems from becoming too destructive. In relationships where couples never fight, it’s often the first fight, the one that reveals all the pent up frustrations, hurt, and anger, that result in the ending of that relationship. Arguments let the other person know when how you feel, how you’re hurting, and how to avoid relationship problems in the future.

Arguments Show Engagement in the Relationship

Arguments show that you are passionately involved in the relationship and that you do care. They serve as a barometer for the level of affection in the relationship and are important tools for your partner to understand how devoted to the relationship you really are.

Arguments Establish Important Issues for Both of You

We all know there are ‘no-go’ political and religious issues that should not be discussed at a polite dinner party. The same holds true when it comes to relationships. Those topics aren’t always as clearly defined but once you establish what they are by having that first heated argument, you know to back off and avoid discussing the issue.

Sometimes, relationship problems are solved by just agreeing to disagree. But, if you never let your partner know how you really feel and how important the issue is for you, then he or she is likely to keep discussing it causing you to become more resentful.

Arguments can be hurtful and you have to learn to fight fair so that the disagreements are productive rather than destructive. You do have let your partner know what you really think and feel but don’t let your first fight be the final blow for your relationship.


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