Why Do Men Cheat?

Why Do Men Cheat? What Are The Reasons?

Relationships are complicated. But there is one question that always keeps cropping up:why do men cheat

Why do men cheat?

Is it the way you look? Well, some of the most beautiful women in the world including Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon have all been cheated on by men who love them. It’s not always a matter of not being beautiful enough, rich enough, or anything else.

In the old days, it was straight forward. It was about the survival of the species where one in three children died before the age of one.

The answer to “Why do men cheat?” is not about you being thin enough, beautiful enough, good enough in bed, or even because you don’t keep the house clean enough. Will changing these things make him happy? It’s quite likely that if you become the sexiest woman in the neighbourhood and suddenly have your home gleaming like a show house he will be pleased with the results. However, doing all these things will not prevent him from cheating.

Reasons Why Men Cheat

So, why do men cheat? There are all kinds of reasons and very few of them have anything to do with the way the ‘other’ woman looks. It’s more about how the she behaves and how she makes him feel.

The thing about cheating is that it undermines the trust in the relationship at the most basic level. It’s not acceptable in today’s society where marriages are binding emotional contracts. Cheating breaks that contract and leaves the wife doubting her beauty, her appeal, and her worthiness. It’s an act that is destructive on far too many levels to excuse.

Sometimes, the reason why good men cheat is when his ego has been ripped to shreds – perhaps by his boss…..or even you? The quickest way for him to pick up the pieces is by proving he can still attract, seduce, and have sex with any woman he wants…or, alternatively, with whatever woman is still hanging around the bar at closing time.

When trying to get your head around the question of why do men cheat, it doesn’t mean, however, that cheating must be the end of the relationship. While celebrity couples that go through it often do not recover, mainly due to the intense media scrutiny of the most intimate and painful details of their lives, it doesn’t mean that your relationship can’t survive if you’re both willing to work to make it happen.

Now is the perfect opportunity to make the time to learn what you can do to make him feel the same way the other woman does.


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