Fix Your Relationship

4 Ways To Fix Your Relationship with Your Girlfriend

In your relationship with your girlfriend, some days, months or years are great between you fix your realtionshipand things could not be better. But some days, months or even years are not so great and at that time you just cannot seem to work out how to mend your relationship.

If things are not so great at the moment, what can you do to get back on track so that your girlfriend will take the time to talk and communicate with you again?

How can you repair a relationship that has just gone so wrong but you don’t really know why?

We are all so busy with everything going on in our lives that you can often feel that your girlfriend, or wife, does not really notice you any more. Your first step to fix your relationship problems is to get the communication between the two of you going again.

How to Repair Your Relationship

1.  Get Her On Her Own

If there is always a group of friends or family around the two of you, it is hard to make it through the muddle of opinions, suggestions, and advice on how to fix your relationship. You need to get her on her own so take a weekend break away for just you and your girlfriend. This a good way to way to fix a relationship together in the way that you both want without having lots of other people listening or commenting on your every word.

2. Get Rid Of The Technology For A Few Days

For a few days, get you and your girlfriend away from all the gadgets like mobile phones, computers, televisions, video games MP3 players etc. The strategy  to fix your relationship here is that you will both have to rely on each other for conversation, company, and attention. Take the time to actually talk to each other, play some games and reconnect in such a way that you have not been able to do with mobile phones ringing or watching TV. You will be pleasantly surprised with the difference it makes by just going a few days without all the interruptions that happen to your day-to-day relationship.

3. Send Her Some Flowers For No Reason At All

Girls love flowers and are great  relationship fixers. If you send her flowers completely out of the blue she will sit up and notice you. She is certainly going to want to know what is happening and what you are trying to tell her. Maybe it is simply to tell her that you still love her?  Her curiosity will go into overdrive and she will be listening to everything you say until she believes she has fully understood why you sent them.

4. Tidy Up The House

If you take some time to clean and tidy your house, there is no doubt that she will want to know what is going on or who is coming to visit. If you don’t think that you can really do housework or she does such a good job of it that the your house is always spotless, think about completing some other job she has been going on at you to finish for some time now. Just by getting it done will be a benefit to you both and she will certainly be making an effort to speak to you about it.

You don’t have to move mountains or swim oceans to fix your relationship with your girlfriend. Small steps can make a big difference to your relationship. These small steps will help you to get her attention which you can then build on now to help you keep it for the future.


Did you know that most relationships can be salvaged? You may find it difficult to believe that almost every relationship can be saved. There is a formula that you can use to fix your relationship with your girlfriend …but these are techniques and strategies that are not conventional wisdom…and it is doubtful you have ever read or heard these techniques before.

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