Understanding Men In Relationships

Understanding Men In Relationships

If you are currently dating a man do you get the feeling that he is scared of commitment? Understanding Men In RelationshipsSome men welcome the opportunity to settle down with a woman, but some just avoid the whole issue.

Understanding men in relationships can be a challenge so here are some reasons why your man be feeling uneasy about committing to a relationship in the first place.

There might be someone else

This is a worst case scenario when understanding men in relationships but it may be possible he has someone else on his mind, which makes him confused about what kind of future he wants regarding a commitment with you. Also, if he is not over his ex-partner it can be difficult for a man to commit to a relationship which is reasonably new.

He’s got a lot going on 

Understanding what men want from a relationship is difficult when he has a lot going on with his work, family, and friends.  If he feels that he has got other areas in his life that require more attention, then that will come first and he will think about his relationship with you when everything else is sorted

His close friends have not committed to a relationship

It can be very different with couples, especially young couples, how guys think in relationships and how girls think in relationships. Often the guy may not have want to be the first one out of his group of friends to commit as he feels like he might miss out on activities with his single friends.

Don’t pressure him

One of the secrets of understanding men in relationships is not to pressure him into a commitment. Do not continually speak to him about your relationship together. If he wants to commit to you, then allow him to get to that stage on his own. If you constantly bring it up, he may become upset with you and you will end up pushing him away even further.

Loss of free time

Your man may enjoy his time to himself and likes to do his own thing. Understanding men and dating with a serious relationships means that it will it take up a fair amount of time and perhaps your man does want to that kind of pressure on this time.

You don’t respect him for who he is now

If you do not respect and love him for who he is right now, then what will things be like in the future. Your man will have his own dreams and aspirations about what the future holds and if you want to know how to get a man to commit to a relationship you need to be supportive of his aspirations. If you are not , it might be causing him not to want to commit further to you.

His history

When trying to understand how to get a man to commit to a relationship, take time to understand his past relationships, and his can include his relationships as a child. This may be the reason that he is struggling to commit to you.. He could be avoiding commitment to a new relationship because of the hurt that was caused by a previous breakup. He may need a little extra time until he feels safe in his new relationship with you.

Has your man grown up?

It is no surprise when looking at how to get a man to commit to a relationship to discover that men can take a little longer to grow up than women. It takes a certain amount of maturity to commit to a relationship and he may not be quite there yet. An immature man can rarely consider the wants and needs of others above his own.


Do women understand men? Well, sometimes it can be difficult understanding men in relationships and understanding the way men think. Men prefer to allow the relationship to just happen without any pressure. If you think you and your man should become more serious, and for example move in together or discuss marriage, then find a time to very gently talk to him about it. Find out what it is he wants and where your relationship is heading. Make sure you don’t talk at him and ensure the conversation is light and friendly, and you may be surprised at how he opens up to you!

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