Save Your Marriage

How To Save Your Marriage And Not Lose Your Husband

Marriage is a complicated business that hardly ever ends up quite the way you save your marriageimagined while you were making plans for the big day and trying on wedding dresses.

It was less complicated when it was all on paper and everything matched up perfectly. The real world is never quite so neat and tidy.

Every day, couples all over the world put lots of effort into planning their their wedding day without putting any thought into what is going to happen once the big day is over. Then, over the months and years a marriage can slowly go downhill and you cannot work out why. Before you know it, you find yourself in a situation of trying to save your marriage.

Don’t Tell Your Friends about Your Problems

When you desperately want to save your marriage, you may possibly turn to your friends for advice. Your friends have been by your side through thick and thin over the years and will always have opinions on your marital problems. Unfortunately, you will find there is a problem with that. Your friends love you and not the man you married.

Be careful if you are telling your friends all the negatives about your man as they are going to hate him on your behalf and never give him or your marriage a real chance. As time passes, the tension will build and build and you’ll either cut ties with your husband (at the recommendation of one of your friends) or you’ll lose ties with one of your friends because she’s just too opposed the man you love.

Don’t Expect Him To Change

There is an old saying about men and women and how they look at marriage. Men, based on this old saying, find the perfect woman and marry her hoping she’ll never change. Women go out and find a great start and marry him hoping to change him. But, unfortunately for most women, men are reluctant to change and are often hurt by your attempts to force them to change.

If you really want change in your relationship, one of the best ways to save your marriage with changes is to start making positive changes for yourself. He’ll notice these differences in you and what you do and will likely want to be involved, once he decides it’s a change for the better and not simply for the sake of change. But if you expect him to change while you remain the same, it’s going to leave you both feeling frustrated and at odds with each other.

Connect With Your Husband

We develop many relationships in life – with our children, with our friends, and even with our colleagues at work. People reach out and connect on social media networks and other online forums. Relationships are more important now than ever before.

And yet when you are trying to save your marriage you can forget to reach out and make the connection with the one person who is most important to you. Your relationship with your husband is not automatic and does need active involvement to keep it going. You both have to work to grow your relationship by doing things you both like and having experiences together if you want to save your marriage so that it lasts for many years.


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