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How To Fix Your Relationship With Your Wife

How To Fix Your Relationship With Your Wife

Husband and wife relationships do have their problems and no husband wants to think fix your relationshipthat his wife is considering walking away from their marriage. Nevertheless, it is a concern that can crop up in most marriages at some point when things just don’t feel right.

So how can you fix your relationship with your wife and what are the signs that she’s thinking about leaving?

She Starts Working More Hours

Based on a recent report in the UK’s Daily Mail, a wife who suddenly starts working longer hours could possibly be thinking about leaving a marriage. These women usually see the extra hours of work as a kind of strategy towards being able to financially live as a single person when they do leave the relationship.

Is this happening in the relationship with your wife? Is so, how can you fix your relationship problems? Firstly, let her know that the extra hours that she is working are being noticed and that you appreciate the hard work she is putting in on behalf of the family.

As a husband, you can start to help out around the house a little bit more and give her a “night off” during the week. For example, you can cook the meals, tidy the kitchen, sort the kids out and put them to bed and let her have a relaxing bath or paint her nails or anything else that she likes to do. Perhaps, offer her a back massage with nothing else expected (unless she makes the first move). These little ways to mend a relationship make all the difference. Make them work in your favour and demonstrate to her what she would be missing if she leaves.

She Suddenly Stops Nagging

You may initially want to celebrate if your wife suddenly stops nagging, but it may not be great news for your marriage. Most men hate being nagged. It’s like being constantly reminded of how you’re not living up to your wife’s expectations. It leaves you feeling frustrated, insignificant and with no desire to do the things that she is asking you to do.

If you have been ignoring the nagging entirely, it may take you a bit of time to notice that she has stopped asking or nagging you to do anything. At first, you may feel relief that she’s finally stopped and got the message that you will get to it when you’re ready. The trouble with that though is that quite often it is not really the message you wanted her to get.

In many cases, for women, her decision to stop asking you to do things is only made when she has given up on trying to fix your relationship all together. It means that she is not going to try any longer and that she is thinking about leaving.

Can you repair a relationship at this stage?  If you do the right thing you can and that is to start by talking to each other again. You feel pressured or put down by her because she keeps wanting to know when you are going to do the things she asked and you just do not want to do them. She feels unimportant to you because you have no interest in the things she asks you to do. There is a solution in the middle somewhere that will work for both of you.

Sometimes, to fix the relationship with your wife, it’s not just about making her fall in love with you again. After all, love is not always the problem in divorce or breakups. The answer is to talk to her and show her how much you do want to find ways to fix your relationship problems before things get out of hand and she’s is packing her bag and leaving.


You may find it difficult to believe but there are proven ways that help with husband wife relationship problems. There is a formula that you can use to fix your relationship with your wife…but these are techniques and strategies that are not conventional wisdom…and it is doubtful you have ever read or heard these techniques before.

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