How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

What Can You Do To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

If you have just gone through an unwanted break up with the girl in your life, the only Get Your Ex Girlfriend Backthing that is probably on your mind right now is how are you going to get your ex girlfriend back.

But before before you go charging in and start calling her everyday and every night, pleading with her to take you back, there are steps that you need to take to get your girl back.

You must know the right steps to take and the right time to take them to get your ex girlfriend back.

How to Get Your Girlfriend Back

Step 1. Let things cool down

If you want to get a girl back, do not flood her with constant calls, texts, emails, or any other form of communication. This is a mistake that a lot of guys make. Your heart is guiding you more than your brain is right now so take a moment and think. This is not a good idea and will only annoy them, causing them to push you away, even block you or ‘unfriend’ you on social media sites.

You need to let things cool down a bit. Your ex girlfriend is going to need some space and time to think on her own. Some people do crazy things after breaking up and it can get so out of control that they end up with a Legal Restraining Order put on them by the ex. Don’t let this happen to you.

Step 2. Think about what went wrong

The break up probably occurred because some mistakes and misunderstandings occurred. That may be down to you or her but is probably down to both of you in some form or other.

You have figure out why did it go wrong and what can you do to ensure that what ever went wrong does not happen again. Think about what she will want to know the next time you talk. She will  ask if anything is different and what have you done to make sure you do not just break up again with the same problems? If you really want to get your ex girlfriend back you have to know what caused the relationship to break up and then fix it and change from it.

Step 3. Refresh yourself

You’re going to need keep yourself busy before making first contact with your ex girlfriend. Now is the time to find a new hobby, read that book you’ve been putting off, go to the gym and work out or discover some other interests you may have. One reason for the break up may be that you became boring to her and that you had nothing more to talk about.

Refresh yourself. Refresh your look and keep your mind occupied. All this time will be useful later on when she finds you interesting again with the new experiences you have.

Step 4. Gently restore communication

It is important that the first time you meet after the break up that the meeting is friendly, easy going and brief. You are working to gently restore communication which may have suffered after the break up. You will not get your ex girlfriend back any quicker by bringing up old relationship problems now. Discussing these problems at this early stage can create arguments and bad feelings toward each other that neither of you are ready to deal with yet.

What you want is small talk. You’re just checking in on her, letting her know you’re still around, and have made some changes in your life. That is all you want out of this meeting. The gap between you must be rebuilt and it cannot be rebuilt in one meeting and definitely not in the first meeting. There will be a time and a place to explore your relationship more when you meet her again.

Winning a Girl Back

The steps above will help you to get your ex girlfriend back if you stick to them and understand why they must happen the way they do. It will take work from both sides. Since you can only change yourself, and have no power to make you ex change, you must change what you have control over first.


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