3 Secrets On How To Be A Better Husband

Marriage Advice For Men  

Your marriage does not have to be in trouble if you want to know how to be a better How To Be A Better Husbandhusband.  It’s a scientific fact that humans need relationships.  We need to share life with someone to feel fulfilled and complete.  Those who live alone express an emptiness and rarely develop as well emotionally and socially as those who have a partner.  Married couples thrive better than singles and usually achieve more in life in every way.

Married men and married women both make mistakes in their relationships but if you look the statistics, it is estimated that 3 out of 4 divorces are filed by women.  This could mean that wives just get tired of husband mistakes and decide to give up.

So what is a good husband? If husband and wife were meant to be together and form a relationship, why do men make mistakes that jeopardize the situation?

Sometimes it’s not easy trying to work out how to be a better husband. After all, some of the things that  men do that are wrong, or viewed as wrong, are done inadvertently. Here are 3 secret tips on marriage advice for men that explains how to be a better husband and keep the lady in your life happy.

1. Does She Think You Don’t Care?

Does your attitude towards sorting life’s problems with your wife come across as indifference? Men are guiltier of this than women. Indifference does not mean a lack of love, it just means the scope of the problem is perceived differently.  Men often think that the secret of how to stay happy in a marriage is to fix a problem quickly and then move on to the next. But, as a husband, don’t ignore the fact that your wife needs you to be caring when she is experiencing a problem. You must learn to fix the problem but you can learn how to be a better husband by offering her understanding and sympathy about the emotional stress your wife is under.

2. Do You Listen To Her?

Marriage advice for men will always involve communication.  Most men don’t mind talking and can usually offer a step-by-step plan of solving a problem. Women ultimately want to solve the problem but also want to talk to feel closer. The simple marriage advice for men in this situation is to not rush to fix the problem but rush to listen to your wife’s opinion and ideas.

Your wife will want to analyze the problem to see why it exists and why it occurred in the first place. Men tend to be less open about how they feel and play the emotional cards close to their chest. The way how to be a better husband is to listen with your heart as well as your mind and ears. Listen with enthusiasm and avoid the tendency to withdraw. You’re not on the sports field here. You’re sharing with your life’s partner.

3. No More Romance? 

Husbands tend to think romance is only for single guys while courting their sweetheart.  Now that the chase is over so is the romance. As the romance dies so does the relationship.  Men can live without it, women cannot. Well, they can, but prefer not to.A simple way how to be a better husband is just be more affectionate and thoughtful. Give her little gifts and surprises. Expensive gifts are not necessary. It truly is the thought that counts in this case.

So, how to stay happy in a marriage? Don’t think of your wife as the mate you play sports with. She is your friend but much more than that and expects to be treated with respect and love. You fell in love with the person that she is, so love and accept her for what she is.  Living together means sharing together. Fewer mistakes will be made if you bring back the good times.


Nobody said that marriage was easy but there are proven ways to how to stay happy in a marriage. If your marriage is in trouble and you do nothing, the chances are that it will fail. But if you do something and take on some marriage advice for men there is a much better chance that you and your wife can have a happy life together. For more genuine and practical ways on how to be a better husband, check out this FREE video presentation.