Dependable Marriage Advice for Men In Today’s World

Relationship Advice For Men

It’s not easy giving marriage advice to men.  Men like to think of themselves as marriage advice for mendragonslayers. If your wife is having a big problem with a project, you are right there to help.

Most men usually bring home the money and enjoy the feeling of being the prime provider. You have made sure the home is secure, the family is clothed and food is on the table.

Then, when all the necessary things are sorted out, you can relax with a beer and watch the TV, or go down to your local bar with your mates. No need to call the wife.  She’s too busy to talk anyway while taking care of the kids and getting dinner ready. You don’t need any relationship advice for men. Everything is fine and as it should be. Or is it?

Do You Need Relationship Advice For Men?

If you’re a husband and the above sounds familiar, you might want to take stock of how your marriage is doing. Your wife does complain once in a while, but  every wife does, right?  You may have been there physically for your wife but emotionally you were somewhere else. A good marriage requires both partners to be there for each other physically and emotionally.

Marriage advice for men usually starts by looking at reinventing your relationship with your wife to make it a union with shared happiness and responsibilities. You need to try to understand what women want from men. Take the time to sit down with your wife and ask her if she’s happy and if she would like you to be at home more. Don’t talk to your wife but talk with her. A simple piece of relationship advice for men is to remember that communication is a two way conversation with each listening to the other’s points of view.

Taking on marriage advice for men is not a sissy thing to do. Your mates don’t even need to know. As a matter of fact, you may feel more macho than you’ve felt in a long time. Commit to making yours a better marriage and it may be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Simple Marriage Advice For Men

Simple marriage advice for men begins with remembering those special days. Keep a handy list of anniversaries and birthdays and include smaller but special times you’ve shared together that only the two of you would remember. Do something special on that day. At least send a card with a little note. You might cook her a meal for a change or take her to dinner.

Make room for romance in your life with the love of your life. Changing your routine and being more spontaneous is good relationship advice for men and women. Do something thoughtful for your wife everyday, or at least often. Just simple things like a small bunch of flowers or a little note left on the fridge make a real difference to her day.   Tell her at least one thing you love about her.  A toast does not have to be saved for special occasions either.

Compliment her and do it sincerely. Take photos of your times together and surprise her with an album of memories later. The secret to a happy marriage lies in understanding what women want. Learn to value your wife’s needs and desires as much as you do your own.  She’s the one you picked to share your life with.  It’s largely up to you to make it enjoyable and worthwhile.


Nobody said that marriage was easy but there are proven ways to how to stay happy in a marriage. If your marriage is in trouble and you do nothing, the chances are that it will fail. If you do something and take some marital advice there is a much better chance that you and your partner can have a happy life together. For more genuine and practical marriage advice for men, take a few moments to watch this FREE video presentation.